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From the Pastor’s Desk 4/7

Pastor's Desk

This past week I was asked to come be witness at the swearing in of a Judge. The Person that was sworn into office, is my prayer partner. I told him a little over a year ago that he could do so much from where God was getting him positioned for. He looked at me…  Continue Reading

From the Pastor’s Desk 3/31

Pastor's Desk

    It is Time.  Resurrection Day is what We Celebrate .  Watch this video. #FallingPlates from strong films on Vimeo.   Pastor Anthony A. Hollar Salt N Light Ministry Salt N Light Books and Gifts

A Little About The Easy Going Kirstin


A Little About The Easy Going Kirstin I am a 25 year old SAHM to 2 wonderful little boys, J~ 8 years old and G~ almost 2. I couldn’t be happier in what I do here at home or on TwoGirls&SomeCoupons. Kirstin to the rescue! I’m here to solve all your problems, well I can…  Continue Reading

Free The Gospel According to Jesus


      If you are new to Grace to You, you can request this hardcover book by John MacArthur.  Click here to request yours

Making Choices!


  Choices!  We all have to make them.  I worry about the BIG choices I have to make and run to God for his guidance  but what about the small choices?  I often leave God out! God wants to be included in every choice we make.  The BIG, the small and even when we don’t…  Continue Reading