Shopping Trip Week Of 4/23-4/27

I did some shopping this week to try to use my coupons before they expire. There is nothing worse then an expired coupon on a product that I need. I went to several different stores but it was well worth it in the end. Here is what I got

14 boxes of Crystal Light Retail 2.28e…Sale 1.50… Used 1.00/2… OOP 14.00
4 Whiskers Lickins Retail 1.28e… Used .50/1… OOP 3.12
8 Temptations Retail .94e… Used .50/1… OOP 3.52
11 T Bonz Retail 1.75e… Sale 2/3.00… Used 1.00/1… OOP 5.50
2 10lb Tidy Cats Retail 1.77e… Used 1.00/1… OOP 1.54
12 Roll White Cloud Retail 5.37… Used 2.50/1… OOP 2.87
1 Zone Perfect Bar Retail .99…. Used FREE Coupon… OOP 0
Retail Total=73.71
OOP= 30.55
Saved= 43.16
Total Savings 58%
I am super happy since I drink on average 3 liters of Crystal Light perday and my furbabies are happy also with all of there treats. ~L~

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