Awesome way to make money right from home!


Let me tell you about an AWESOME way to make money right from home using your Smartphone and Television.

There is this app called Viggle! I have been using this for about 6 months now and have already cashed out for over 250.00 in gift cards to different places.

Here is how it works.

They put out a list of  6-10 Featured Shows daily. The look like this

The points you see are the bonus points you will receive just for checking into that show for at least 10 minutes. You then get 1 point per minute you are checked into said show.

Checking in is easy you play the show on your TV and let your phone listen to it and then it comes up with the name of the show and all you do is click check in.

Some shows you can play what they call Viggle Live. If the show is a Viggle Live show it will look like this.

What Viggle Live is when you check into that show in real time you get to play along by answering questions for more bonus points.

They also have bonus videos that show up here and there. They are worth different amounts.

All you do is click it and watch the video and you earn those points.

They have a Viggle Pluse Quiz. All you do is answer a few questions and earn points.


They also have trivia game called TV Genius. They ask you questions about different shows and you earn points. You even earn points for wrong answers.

Once you get enough points you can cash them in for gift cards. The available cards can change. Even if the one you want is gone one day it could come back the next. As of now these are just some of the places you can get gift cards to.

I personally love getting gift cards to CVS. I have also cashed out for JC Penney

If this sounds interesting to you send an email to with the subject line stating VIGGLE and we will send you an invite.


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